Phantom Warriors 1: Bacchus

Digital • Sept. 20, 2006
Phantom Warriors 1
ISBN eBook: 978-0-9839095-2-1
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Bacchus is a desperate Phantom Warrior. Saddled with the quest to find a biologically compatible female species for his people, he stows away on a ship bound for planet Earth. There he discovers a world teeming with women, but how does he pick just one? Sex sounds easy enough or it would be, if Bacchus weren’t from the Blood Clan. Where on Earth can he find a woman who doesn’t freak out at the sight of blood and three-inch fangs?

Dog breeder Carrie Rittner has had a rough year. Between a broken engagement, threats to her safety, and an emotionally distant brother, she’s ready to throw in the towel. The last thing she needs is a sexy ‘bodyguard’ trying to charm her pants off.

It’ll take more than Bacchus’ chemically charged pheromones, dominant nature, and forked tongue to convince Carrie that they’re made for each other. He will have to release all his animal instincts, before giving her the ultimate love bite.

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Note for Readers: This excerpt contains adult content intended for individuals 18 years of age or older.

Her legs hit the back of the bed, effectively trapping her. Carrie debated whether to scramble over the top, but doubted she’d make it before Bacchus reached her. As if reading her mind, he lunged, spinning her around and pinning her face down onto the mattress.

Carrie kicked. She didn’t know why. Something dark and hidden within her demanded he go all the way, force her compliance. His teeth clamped onto the back of her neck and a growl rumbled from deep within Bacchus’ chest.

She didn’t remember his incisors being quite so sharp a minute ago, when he’d nibbled on her lip. He bit down and her body softened, taking the fight right out of her.

Pressed to the bed and unable to move, Carrie couldn’t prevent Bacchus from stripping away the rest of her clothes. She was beyond turned on. She wiggled her butt to dislodge him, but the action only seemed to entice him further.

Her breath came out in short pants as he released her neck in order to pin her hands above her with one fist. Carrie turned her head to the side to see him. Bacchus looked wild with passion, damn near insane. The black of his pupils narrowed until they were mere slits in his eyes. She was too far gone to make sense of the change.

She felt his free hand move between their bodies and begin to work at his clothing. Within a couple of minutes he’d managed to strip down to a thin red suit that appeared to cover his entire length.

“Do not move,” he barked the command.

Carrie wasn’t about to go anywhere.