Phantom Warriors: Pit Fighters–Command


Lion-shifter Asher is used to being in command no matter what planet he’s on. The only one with more authority in the Phantom world is the Dark King himself. So when Jamie Sinclair has the audacity to pick his pocket and steal his com-device, Asher is intrigued. When he demands the return of the object, she refuses and orders him to get out. Who does she think she’s talking to? It’s obvious the woman is trouble, but Asher refuses to back down—at least not until he gives Jamie a lesson in obedience she won’t so forget.

Jamie Sinclair used to be a thief. Quite a good thief, but she’s left that life behind…or so she thought. When her stepbrother shows up on her doorstep beaten and rambling about needing her help, Jamie has no choice but to step back into that dangerous world. Now she’s playing cat and mouse with the syndicate and trying to dodge the sexy mark she pickpocketed. How is he finding her anyway? Jamie needs to discover his secrets, then lose him quick or it won’t be just her brother’s life on the line.

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