Phantom Warriors: Pit Fighters–Control


Machala Sanchez has spent her entire life following orders. Born into a vicious female biker gang, she broke her first law shortly after she learned to walk. Now that her mother is dead, Machala wants out of the Muerta Madres, but quitting isn’t an option. Her only chance is to find someone to represent her in the underground fight ring, but who’d be dumb enough to enter a fight to the death?

When Zeph lays eyes on Machala, he knows he’s found his mate, but getting to the beautiful Latina isn’t going to be easy with her constantly surrounded by a gang of women. Good thing this jaguar loves a challenge. The first night in Machala’s bed tests Zeph’s unshakable control. He wants her and he’s not about to let a silly fight get in the way.

Machala knows a sucker when she sees one. Zeph is exactly what she needs to break free of the gang. But as his nocturnal visits to her room continue, Machala finds herself torn between her wants and her desires. For someone who’s spent her whole life taking care of herself, giving up control isn’t easy. And given the fight ahead of them, might just be deadly.

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