Atlantean’s Quest 2: Exodus

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Atlantean’s Quest 2
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Atlantean's Quest: Exodus
OUT OF PRINT• Dec. 1, 2005
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Bug spray…Check

Jaclyn Ward was prepared for anything a sweltering jungle could throw at her. Snakes, spiders, mosquitos—no problem. She’d cut a swath through them all to find her missing friend. The last thing she expected to encounter was a dark-haired, green-eyed Adonis named Ares, whose passions and skills as a hunter matched her own.

Ares knows Jac is the only woman strong enough to stand by his side, but convincing her will take all of his skills. He’s determined to claim her, but Ares will soon learn that it isn’t smart to mess with the daughter of a SEAL.

Jac will do whatever it takes to complete her mission—even if that means sleeping with the enemy. She can’t match Ares’ strength, but years as a corporate attorney have made her ruthless. Ares wouldn’t be the first man to underestimate her. When he did, she’d be ready.

In a game of domination, there can only be one winner.


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Atlantean’s Quest — The Story Behind the Series

The Atlantean’s Quest series came about because I wanted to write a story about Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle. I kept thinking about the way the Bermuda Triangle used to mess with radio signals and instruments when boats and planes passed through it. As a kid, the Bermuda Triangle used to scare the daylights out of me because people disappeared. I decided to combine the two places for my story. I asked myself what would cause a similar disruption on the island of Atlantis and came up with the idea of malfunctioning transport crystals. I made them the reason behind the destruction of Atlantis.

At this stage, I knew my Atlanteans weren’t going to be on an island or near an ocean since that setting had already been used multiple times. So I stuck my characters in a jungle-thanks to the malfunctioning crystals-and made them a mythical tribe that frightened the local natives. I decided that they lived primitively, but had great powers due to their lineage and advanced civilization. I didn’t realize they were an alien race until I finished the first book, THE ARRIVAL. Even planned books have surprises pop up.


I enjoyed this story so much. I was swept away by Jac and Ares. Jordan Summers has written a wounderful story that touches the heart and soul of a romance reader. From the first page to the last, you’ll be drawn into a world full of passion, love, betrayal, and jealously. I was so tuned into the emotions of Jac and Ares that I felt as if I were there. I read this story twice just so I could feel the passion and love all over again. I recommend this book with total belief that you will not only be swept away by it, you’ll be begging for more. I give this story five hearts. Enjoy!–THE ROMANCE STUDIO/Reviewer: Diane T.

Atlantean’s Quest: Exodus picks up where the first book (AQ: The Arrival) left off. Both Jac and Ares are introduced in the first book and it is a pleasure to now get their story. Jac is en experienced woman of the world whose life has taught her not to trust men and not to fall in love. Ares has lived centuries waiting for the one woman destined to be his mate, and when he finds her his only thought is how to capture and tame her so she will always be his. Together they strike so many sparks they are lucky they didn’t start a forest fire. Ms. Summers has created a well-written tale sure to delight readers and keep them glued to the screen from beginning to end. I look forward to the next book in this series with great anticipation.–TIMELESS TALES

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Note for Readers: This excerpt contains adult content intended for individuals 18 years of age or older.

Chapter One

After a hellish week away, Jac entered her sleek apartment and tossed her mail on the entryway table. The Toronto business trip had been sheer torture. She dropped her suitcase and walked to the phone. The light on the answering machine blinked like the warning light on a bomb set to explode.
Damn, thirty voicemail messages. She hadn’t been gone that long. She pressed the button as she retrieved the mail. She was flipping through the envelopes when Rachel’s voice came on the line.

“Hey, Jac,” was all Jac registered of her friend’s message. She smiled for the first time that day. It was so good to hear her cheerful voice. It made her miss Rachel even more. Hopefully her friend had discovered something in the jungle and was calling to let her know what date she’d be returning. She continued to flip through junk mail, only half listening.

Rachel screamed and the line went dead.

The envelopes slipped through Jac’s fingers, blanketing the floor. She stood by the phone, frozen, unable to breathe. Her mind went blank as the room filled with the harsh sound of a dial tone. Did she just hear her best friend die?

The answering machine clicked on to the next message. She hit a button to replay Rachel’s message. Jac sank to her knees when Rachel screamed again, the room swimming around her. The next message began to play. She was dimly aware of Brigit’s frantic voice informing her that Professor Donald Rumsinger had returned from the expedition—without Rachel. Jac’s jaw clenched, her stomach somersaulted, and something deep inside her spoke: I knew it. I knew that low-down son-of-a-bitch was up to something.

Muscles at the base of her skull took that moment to tighten into the mother of all headaches. Jac shook as the overwhelming panic subsided, slowly being replaced by a fury the likes of which a volcano couldn’t contain. She spent the next hour phoning the museum and then the local authorities down in the god-forsaken jungle, to no avail. Apparently one missing museum employee wasn’t worth their time. Jac knew exactly what she had to do.

* * * * *

Two days, twelve inoculations, and fifteen hours on four different charter flights later, Jac’s plane circled the jungle runway. She had managed to get an expedition arranged by phone, but god only knew what she would find when she stepped off this tin can masquerading as an aircraft.

She was hot, sweaty, and pissed that the Professor had somehow managed to slip in and out of New York before she could get her hands on him. Rumsinger had a two-day head start on her. If he hurt Rachel, she’d make whatever country they were in expedite his happy ass back to New York so fast that his head would spin. Then Jac would personally castrate the bastard.

Hell, she’d cut his balls off here, if she could find him.

The plane landed with a thud, jarring her to the present, then skidded to a halt. There was nothing to see out of the tiny window other than miles and miles of trees. The pilot popped through the door and made his way down the aisle. His eyes wandered over Jac’s nipples and then to her mouth, before meeting her gaze. He reached out at the last second to retrieve her bag.

“I’ve got it, thanks.” Jac’s gaze pinned him.

The man gave a curt nod and backed away.

She stood, grabbing her pack in one fluid motion, and then lugged it to the door. Jac jumped over the step that had been placed on the ground. The air was thick enough to slice with a blade. She patted the knife strapped to her calf. Mosquitoes swarmed around her in a tiny cloud. Her Tomb Raider outfit held little protection against the carnivores. She reached into her pack and grabbed her can of OFF. “Take that, you greedy little bastards.” She pressed down on the top and sprayed the killer mist over her arms and legs. “You’re not getting my blood.”

After the fumes cleared, she shaded her eyes and looked around. The guides she’d hired were a few hundred yards away and the tents were already set up. Jac lifted the backpack into place and began the small hike across the clearing. All the green made her miss her houseplants. She sent a silent prayer to the heavens that Brigit remembered to water them. Considering how absentminded her friend was, Jac didn’t hold out much hope she’d return to anything living. Brigit had left the same day Jac had to attend Lunacon, a huge sci-fi convention in New York. She’d offered to come with her, but Jac had told her to stay in case Rumsinger returned. If all went well, she’d only be gone for three days, four days tops. Not nearly enough time for Brigit to do any real damage to her plants.

Jac had walked several yards in the heat, when the hair at her nape rose. She swung around, dropping her pack, the OFF can held out in front of her like a weapon. “Just try something, whoever you are. Go ahead, make my day,” Jac growled in her best Dirty Harry voice, daring anyone or anything to come forward out of the jungle to face her. She felt antsy, anxious, as if the nerves in her body were firing all at once. At this point, she could use a good fight to relieve some of the tension. She hadn’t worked out all these years to get her Linda-Hamilton-in-Terminator-2 arms for nothing. A breeze swayed the tops of the trees. The green canopy tilted from side to side, like the waves on an ocean, the slight swooshing noise the only sound she heard. Jac scanned the shadowed line.


She stood there, one hand planted on her narrow hips, straining to hear that one snap or crunch that would give her enemy’s position away. “I didn’t think so,” she muttered, shrugging off the unease. It was time to proceed on her mission to find Rachel, kick Donald Rumsinger’s ass, and get them both back to New York before the weekend was up.

* * * * *

From the protection of the trees, Ares watched the tall blonde. Her hair was cropped close to her neck and those long legs were bare except for a scrap of material at the top, covering her feminine heat. He’d never seen a woman in short pants. She was lithe and muscular, like a sleek jungle cat, and her breasts were compact and firm, as was his preference. A warrior woman through and through. Her composure was cool and aloof, daring anyone or anything to step into her territory.

Ares lips twitched and his body tightened as anticipation surged inside of him. He was willing to accept that dare and more.

Queen Rachel’s memories had been true in every respect. She’d be angry with him if she had known he’d eavesdropped on them so easily. Ares hadn’t been able to help it. The woman known as Jac had intrigued him from the beginning, and now she was here, not more than a hundred yards from him. Tempting, calling, provoking the feral beast inside of him.

Ariel, the Seer had been right. His mate had arrived.

It was time to hunt.

# # #