Atlantean’s Quest 4: The Return

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Atlantean’s Quest 3
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Atlantean's Quest: Fall From Grace
• May 28, 2007
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Orion, brother to Ares and third in command on planet Zaron has been relegated to chief messenger and babysitter. Oh, how the mighty have fallen…

It should’ve been a simple job. Fly to Earth, find the Seer, and deliver a message to Brigit Taylor to let her know her friends, Jaclyn Ward and Rachel Evans were alive and well. Simple. Ha! That was before the vicious squirrel attack, trying to slay a wasabi green dragon at the sci-fi/fantasy convention, and sinking his Katronian rings into the wrong woman’s body.

Brigit and Orion are about to discover that nothing on Earth is simple and that sometimes the world falling apart is the best thing that can happen to you.

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Atlantean’s Quest — The Story Behind the Series

The Atlantean’s Quest series came about because I wanted to write a story about Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle. I kept thinking about the way the Bermuda Triangle used to mess with radio signals and instruments when boats and planes passed through it. As a kid, the Bermuda Triangle used to scare the daylights out of me because people disappeared. I decided to combine the two places for my story. I asked myself what would cause a similar disruption on the island of Atlantis and came up with the idea of malfunctioning transport crystals. I made them the reason behind the destruction of Atlantis.

At this stage, I knew my Atlanteans weren’t going to be on an island or near an ocean since that setting had already been used multiple times. So I stuck my characters in a jungle-thanks to the malfunctioning crystals-and made them a mythical tribe that frightened the local natives. I decided that they lived primitively, but had great powers due to their lineage and advanced civilization. I didn’t realize they were an alien race until I finished the first book, THE ARRIVAL. Even planned books have surprises pop up.


This book had me laughing from the start, pausing only to fan myself from the sizzling steamy moments. Orion’s botch job of Earth sayings and Brigit’s belief that he takes the sci fi world just a bit too seriously lent just a few of the comical moments here. Their banter is smart and snappy and their attraction nearly burn up the pages. This is book 4 in the series, and undoubtedly will compel you to read the first three if you have not had the pleasure.--Charissa/ Coffee Time Romance

This is definitely one of those laugh out loud books that has you chuckling as you read along. Both characters are supremely self-centered, but somehow I found myself liking them anyway. As the story moves along and you learn more about them, you find out that they may not be as self centered as you thought, and it’s really funny some of the predicaments they get them selves into, and Brigit is all city girl, and when she tries to go into the jungle to rescue her friends it’s definitely apparent that she’s out of her element. If you are looking for something to give you a good laugh, Atlantean’s Quest 4: Return is definitely one you should check out. THE ROMANCE STUDIO/Reviewer: Julia

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Note for Readers: This excerpt contains adult content intended for individuals 18 years of age or older.

“Warning! Warning! Warning! Planetary object approaching rapidly,” the computer blared, followed by a quick burst of sirens.

Orion’s ship broke through the atmosphere leaving a wispy vapor trail in its wake. The craft shuddered, his muscles strained to hold it steady as the outer alloy panels heated to a glowing red. Sweat broke out across his forehead. If it got any hotter in here, he’d roast like a Corgal Tanger on a spit. Orion pushed a button on the control panel above his head. The computer quieted. The ship cooled an instant later and then accelerated, throwing him back against his seat.

Hang on! The mental command went out to his passenger. He didn’t bother to look at Cassandra while he steered the ship.

The primitive radar system on this planet would only pick up a brief blip before he disappeared altogether. They’d consider it a momentary malfunction and not bother to check it out. A Zaronion warrior would not be so careless. Even the most innocent ping could turn into a major threat to planetary security.

He’d spent the past month studying everything there was to know about this tiny blue-green planet known as Earth. Queen Rachel and Jac were only too happy to fill in any missing gaps from his knowledge. He knew the foods, the topography, and the weaponry. He’d even mastered the subtle nuances of communication. Their cultures might be different, but soon he’d acquire that knowledge too and be like every other Earthling, only better.

Orion was confident he’d be able to blend in with the primitive natives long enough to convince Brigit that her friends were safe, unharmed, and now resided on planet Zaron. It would be a ‘walk in the cake’ as Jac liked to say.

He sensed Cassandra’s interested gaze before seeing it. She caressed his muscled form, focusing on the male bulge between his thick thighs. He tensed as his cock responded. Be careful, little one, he communicated telepathically, the preferred way of the Atlantean people. I can read your lustful thoughts. He looked at her from beneath hooded eyes.

Cassandra shifted under his regard. As an Atlantean woman in her sexual prime, she was not shy about conveying her thoughts or acting upon her natural urges. Like Orion, she too searched for what could not be found on Zaron.

Don’t worry. He shook his head. I’m not interested in you either. I believe I can contain my boredom for an hour or so longer.

Don’t flatter yourself, warrior. Cassandra laughed. My thoughts of sex with you were just that, thoughts. They weren’t a proposition. I would think you of all people would know the difference.

He grinned. I do, hence the warning.

Such conceit. She straightened in her seat. Not that it isn’t warranted, but I look for something…different. Less Atlantean.

And you think you’ll find it in an Earthling?


You’ll forgive me if I disagree.

‘Tis your choice. She shrugged absently.

Orion flicked switches transferring fuel into their reserve tanks. He wouldn’t argue his point. Where is it you wish me to take you?

I’ve longed to see the ocean again. Cassandra sighed, her expression turning dreamy and distant. Queen Rachel told me I might enjoy a place called California.

Orion frowned and punched another button, bringing up a holographic map of planet Earth. Where did she say this place was located?

The same piece of land you’ll find Brigit on.

He glanced at her, not liking the reminder about his current assignment. Cassandra stared at the swirling map. Her eyes widened as her gaze alighted on a spot that glowed like a jewel under the sun.

What do the bright lights represent on the map?

Colonies. He pointed to a spot on the east coast of the North American continent. The brighter the light, the more populated the area. This is where I must go.

Cassandra reached out and touched a spot on the opposite coast. Then I want you to take me here.

Orion glanced, then pressed a button to zoom into the area she’d indicated. The place you wish to visit is called Los Angeles.

Cassandra smiled. “Los Angeles,” she murmured aloud, testing the name on her tongue. That’s in California, right?

He nodded.

Good, then it’s settled. I will go to Los Angeles, California to begin my search.

Queen Rachel said you will need something called money. I’ve researched this item. It is what the humans use to barter with in exchange for goods, lodging, and food.

Do we have any of this…money?

Yes. The replicator managed to produce a travel sack full of the stuff. You should have more than enough for what you need. I’ve also taken the liberty of placing a deciphering unit in your bag. You’ll be able to find any meaning or item by thinking about the object. It should help when it comes to communicating with the humans. Orion slid his hand across a panel at his side. It opened silently. He pulled out a rectangular metal device.

What is that?

A communication device.

Like the deciphering unit?

No. He flipped a switch on the side of the object and a tiny screen appeared. If you need assistance or come to your senses and want to return home, flick this switch and hold the device next to your head. It will pick up your thoughts, in the same way we’re having this conversation, and transport you to the ship. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of space when you activate it, because the device is powerful enough to transport objects around you.

Cassandra nodded and reached for the communication device.

Orion pulled it out of reach. Are you sure you want to do this? ‘Tis not too late to change your mind.

She forced a smile and faced him unflinchingly. I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.

He stared at her for a few moments, assessing her sincerity, deliberating her fate. Finally, he nodded. California it is.

Reluctantly, he dropped Cassandra off in Los Angeles, California. She waved goodbye as his ship rose, a contented smile planted on her face. He still didn’t like the fact he’d left an Atlantean woman alone and unguarded on a beach, but Orion understood her need to carve out her own destiny. For he held the same desire. With her departure, his ship’s weight and readings adjusted to accomodate his lone presence.

Over the last few moons, Orion had grown restless like the other unattached males and females on his home planet. Zaron did not hold the same appeal to him as it once had. He itched to stretch the boundaries set in place for centuries. Maybe, while here on Earth, he’d take some time to do just that, between babysitting the Queen’s friend, finding the Seer, and making sure Cassandra was doing well. He frowned as his latest assignment intruded on his thoughts.

He’d earned the title of warrior long ago, due to his birthright and his proven abilities. Later, he’d reached First in Command. His thoughts trailed off. He could no longer claim the position of First in Command with Ares’ return. Orion squelched the bitterness threatening to rise. He was happy to have family again. Truly. It was far more important than any position, but…It would take some adjusting to get used to his new role.

That was the main reason he’d stepped forward for this menial job. He wanted the chance to leave the planet and clear his head, even if it were only for a few days. He needed to make decisions about his future. Mingling with the Earthlings, with their primitive minds and underdeveloped bodies, just happened to be an unpleasant byproduct of the trip.

Perhaps not so unpleasant, Orion thought, as he considered Queen Rachel’s and Jac’s appearance.

They were attractive enough, in an exotic sort of way, but far inferior to Atlantean women in stature, strength, beauty, and agility. Although he’d never expressed his private thoughts, Orion still could not understand how his brother, Ares and King Eros settled beneath them. And he wasn’t the only one. Whispers caressed the winds of Zaron, leaving emerging doubts in the minds of the people. Still, no one dared to step forward and challenge the King…yet.

Perhaps their choices came from being marooned on Earth for so many years. Isolation did strange things to ones thought processes. Coupled with the fact that this was a primitive planet, it would make the time here nearly unbearable.

Despite his brother’s and the King’s reassurances that their energy binds were intact, Orion held doubts. It wasn’t possible to bind with a human, was it?

He shook his head at the absurdity of the question. Earth women were good for one thing, and one thing only—sex. Anything more would make him as foolish as his brother—and Orion was far from foolish.

But, he was curious.

He recalled Jac’s parting words, ‘Curiosity killed the kangaroo’. Orion wasn’t sure exactly what type of creature a kangaroo was but it mustn’t be too fierce if a mere thought could slay it. He mentally brushed her warning aside. He wouldn’t allow the words of a mere woman to deter him, even if said woman was his brother’s alleged true-mate.

Once he encountered Brigit and found the Seer, he’d take several days and explore the planet. Perhaps, experience a few of the female delights available. Orion shifted as he imagined sinking his silver-ringed cock past a woman’s petal soft folds into her wet quim. It should only take ten to twenty females before he was suitably spent. Afterwards, he’d head back to Zaron where he would pick out an Atlantean woman, perform an energy bind, and settle down.

Should be easy enough.

It mattered not that he’d been unable to find anyone who’d kept his attention for more than a few physical joinings. He was sure upon his return he’d succeed…or leave Zaron for good. Love would not be part of the equation. It was a useless emotion that could only get a warrior killed—or worse, weakened to the babbling state his brother, Ares and the King existed in.

At least that was the plan…