The only thing keeping Eros, King of the Atlanteans, alive is the prophecy foretelling the arrival of his destined true-mate--a woman who will have the power to open a portal and allow the Atlantean people to return to their home planet. Now that Eros has found Rachel Evans, he intends to keep her.


Dr. Rachel Evans isn't anyone's Queen and she's certainly not a savior. The only reason she agreed to traipse through an uncharted jungle with her vile boss is because he promised her a much deserved promotion. When her boss's ambition overrides his reason, Rachel finds herself on the wrong end of a human sacrifice.


Lucky for her, she's rescued by a sexy man wearing nothing but a smile and a loincloth. King Eros would be the perfect man, if he weren't so delusional. But a few sultry nights under the stars spent in Eros's strong arms, might just change Rachel's mind about everything.


Pistols…Check! Knife…Check! Bug spray…Check!

Jaclyn Ward was prepared for anything a sweltering jungle could throw at her. Snakes, spiders, mosquitos, she’d cut a swath through them all to find her missing friend, Rachel Evans. The last thing Jac expected to encounter was a dark-haired, green-eyed alien Adonis named Ares, whose passion and skills matched her own.

As the King's right hand, it's Ares' job to protect the Atlantean people from threats, including ones that come in an appealing feminine form. Since Jaclyn Ward is the Queen's friend, he can't harm her, but there's nothing to stop him from claiming her. Ares knows Jac's the only woman strong enough to stand by his side, but convincing her will take all of his considerable skills.

Sleeping with the enemy? No problem! Jac will do whatever it takes to complete her rescue mission. She can’t match Ares’ alien strength, but years as a corporate attorney has made her cunning and ruthless. Like so many other men, Ares has underestimated her and Jac plans to use that misstep to her advantage. In a game of domination, there can only be one winner.



Coridan is a man without pride, a man without faith — a man without a people. He has all but given up hope of reuniting with the other Atlanteans and is determined to die with dignity, if only the insistent voice in his head would let him.

Ariel, Seer of the Atlanteans, is not about to let Coridan go without a fight. For she knows something he does not, he's her true-mate and she will not leave without him. A decision that may cost her, her life.

Donald Rumsinger wants to enslave the Atlantean people and discover the secrets they hold. In order to obtain his goals, he must prevent them from leaving the planet. The only thing that stands between him and success is Ariel and Coridan. The unlikely pair of Atlanteans must forge a bond if they hope to survive, but when passions explode can redemption be found?


Cassandra yearns for more than the planet Zaron and the Atlantean people can offer her, so she hitches a ride to Earth determined to create her own destiny. She will do anything to find her true-mate, even pretend to be human.

Brady ‘Buzz’ Rittner is a jaded ex-astronaut who doesn’t believe in love and has given up his dreams of returning to space. On the road to self-destruction, he encounters an ethereal woman on a beach whose secrets just may save his life.

As Cassandra tries to heal the wounds of Buzz’s past, she fears that once he learns the truth he’ll turn his back on her—turn his back on the last chance he has to fulfill his darkest desires and most fervent dreams. Pride is the only thing preventing Buzz from getting everything he wants. If he doesn’t act fast, he’ll lose Cass—the one thing he really needs.


Orion, brother to Ares and third in command on planet Zaron has been relegated to chief messenger and babysitter. Oh, how the mighty have fallen…

It should’ve been a simple job. Fly to Earth, find the Seer, and deliver a message to Brigit Taylor to let her know her friends, Jaclyn Ward and Rachel Evans were alive and well. Simple. Ha! That was before the vicious squirrel attack, trying to slay a wasabi green dragon at the sci-fi/fantasy convention, and sinking his Katronian rings into the wrong woman’s body.

Brigit and Orion are about to discover that nothing on Earth is simple and that sometimes the world falling apart is the best thing that can happen to you.

© 2020 by Jordan Summers