Can a reluctant werewolf hunter find true love in the arms of the Alpha who's been sent to kill her?

To protect the Moonlight Kin, Alpha werewolf, Damon Lorache is tasked with killing the next Hunter. He's more than happy to take down the man and avenge his brother's death, but his plans are upended when the new Hunter turns out to be a woman--a woman who might just be his mate.

Madie Valois' father is determined to make her take over the family "werewolf hunting" business. Madie doesn't believe in the Tooth-fairy or in werewolves and has never hunted a day in her life, but if she doesn't go along with her father's twisted plans she may just find herself on the wrong end of a crossbow.

Can enemies destined to kill each other put aside their differences long enough to find love? And if they do, will their love be strong enough to protect them from their families?


Can a woman who has no time for men and an alpha werewolf who has no time for humans fall in love before the next full moon? 

The last man Jenna Dane trusted betrayed her and stole everything she owned. She’s been trying to get her ‘life’ back ever since. Her new job with a trashy newspaper offers Jenna the opportunity to recover what she’s lost. All she has to do is get close to Aidan Fortier long enough to uncover what he's hiding and expose his secrets.

Secrets that could get her killed.

Aidan Fortier cannot allow a nosey human to snoop around his estate. He has a werewolf pack to run, a full moon to contend with, a challenge to fight, and worst of all, he must choose a mate. Picking a female would be a lot easier to do, if Jenna didn’t smell so good and taste so sweet. When trouble follows her to his doorstep, Aidan must decide whether to trust his Lycan instincts or throw Jenna to the wolves.


What happens when the monster Mindy MacDougal fears isn't under her bed--he's in it?


Werewolf Nic La Croix isn’t anyone’s white knight, but that doesn’t stop him from rescuing a curvy, human female who has no business being in a shifter bar. A smart wolf would put her in her car and make her drive away. Nic intends to do that once she’s out of danger, but you know what they say about good intentions…

Mindy MacDougal has spent most of her life being her sister’s keeper. For once, she’d like to be the irresponsible one. When a planned night out takes a deadly turn, an unlikely hero comes to her rescue. His reward, a kiss. One kiss is all it takes to draw Mindy into Nic’s dark world. She'll have to decide whether to kick the monster out of her bed or keep him.


What happens when a werewolf assassin plans to rescue a helpless human female, but instead finds a psychic woman carrying a pocket full of voodoo spells?

Armed with a lodestone and a magical sword, werewolf enforcer Tristan Chevalier is on the trail of a dangerous Darkling creature, who’s already killed one human female. He knows where the beast is going and who the Darkling is after, so he needs to reach her first. When Tristan finds Isabel MacDougal, he believes he’s discovered the perfect bait to draw out his enemy.

Isabel “Izzy” MacDougal has always known monsters were real. She spent her childhood hiding her psychic abilities until they nearly drove her mad. When she runs into Tristan, Izzy believes the giant arctic werewolf is the one who’s been hunting her and that her life is over. But for Tristan and Isabel life isn’t over—their mating dance is just beginning.

© 2020 by Jordan Summers