Wanted: A woman who won’t freak out at the sight of blood and three-inch fangs. Must like scaly, reptilian aliens. Love optional.

Saddled with the quest to find a biologically compatible female species, Phantom Warrior Bacchus stows away aboard a ship bound for Earth. Upon arrival, he discovers a world teeming with women. All he has to do is pick one and hope that mating with a member of the Blood Clan doesn’t kill her.


Carrie Rittner has had a rough year. Between losing her fiancé, threats to her safety, and an emotionally distant brother, she’s ready to pack it in and start anew. When Bacchus shows up at her door claiming to be sent by her wayward sibling, Carrie takes one look at the sexy man and decides he’s a complication she does not need.


When danger strikes, Bacchus proves he’s a good man to have on her side, but it’ll take more than his chemically charged pheromones and forked tongue to convince Carrie that they’re made for each other. Bacchus will have to use all his serpentine charm to get her to accept the ultimate love bite. (Rated R)



Can an extinct cat find love with the hunter, who's been sent to bag him and tag him?

Katy Manfred is tired of her boss sending her on wild goose chases. Her latest assignment is the worst one yet: Trap a saber-tooth tiger at the La Brea Tar Pits or tender her resignation.


Talk about an impossible choice!

Phantom Warrior Kegar shouldn’t have snuck off the spaceship, but he was eager to search for a mate. Being shot in the flank by a beautiful blonde bent on making a science project out of him wasn’t part of his plan. Naked and back in his human form, Kegar awakes to find the woman of his dreams leaning over him.


It’ll take all his sensual skills to bring out the wild cat in Katy and convince her that she’s his mate, but first, he’ll have to deal with her obsessed boss. Luckily, this tiger’s up for the task. (Rated R)



A determined rapture will do whatever is necessary to convince his lady love that you don’t need wings to fly.


Lynn Regis isn’t looking for anything but her newly released condors, when she hikes into the Grand Canyon National Park. Stumbling upon poachers looking for her endangered birds is the last thing the plus-sized beauty expected to find. She is determined to do whatever it takes to protect her condors from the hunters, but who’s going to save her?

When a sexy as sin man with eyes as sharp as a hawk comes to her rescue, Lynn has to decide whether he’s friend or foe. In the depths of the canyon, the wrong decision could mean her death.

The moment Talon laid eyes on her, he knew Lynn was mate material. He's not about to allow poachers to get in his way. With only three days to seduce her and convince her that they’re meant for each other, this determined raptor will do whatever it takes to convince his lady love to come fly with him. (Rated R)



Can two strangers, one human and the other an alien bear shifter, find love while snowbound in an Alaskan blizzard?

Photographer Caitlin Kelly thinks she’s on a mission to save her friend, but when she gets to the wilds of Alaska, it turns out she’ll be the one that needs rescuing. Caitlin doesn’t hear the polar bear approach until it’s too late. Her only regret is that she never fell in love.

Arctos has come to Earth in search of a bride. The last thing he wants is to bond to a woman in order to save her life, but as a Phantom Warrior he cannot let Caitlin die. He believes the selfless act has destroyed the only chance he had of finding his true-mate.

When the snow begins to blow, the winds of fate take over. Two strangers determined to ride out a storm are about to discover that the worst day of their lives might just be the best thing that’s ever happened to them. (Rated R)



Can a hissing Tabby make a big cat purr? Find out in this opposites attract, stand-alone, shifter romance.

Prim librarian, Tabitha Shelley is determined to save her twin sister from her abusive, mobster boyfriend, but to do that she’s going to need a disguise and assistance.  Help arrives in the form of Linx, a pompous, Phantom feline, who never met a woman he didn’t like until he encountered Tabitha.


Reluctantly drawn into her personal war with the Russian mob, Linx is ready to call it quits on his mate search, when a spontaneous lap dance from strait-laced, Tabby leads to an unexpected night of passion. Who knew a hissing Tabby could make a big cat like him purr?


Before their new bond can be explored, the mob threatens Tabby’s life. They will soon learn that it’s never smart to come between a Phantom Warrior and his mate.

(Rated R)



She thinks he's a myth. He only has a few days to convince her that he's real.

Veterinarian Nina Whitetail’s world is falling apart. Her beloved grandfather is dying, her best-friend is getting married, and someone is hunting bears out of season. She can’t do anything about the first two problems, but Nina’s determined to stop the poachers. When her plan fails, she finds herself running for her life. It’s during this escape that she stumbles upon the Great Bear from Cherokee mythology…or so she thinks. After the bear scares off the hunters, it shape-shifts into an alarmingly large man, whose shy, gentle nature seduces her and captures her heart.


Riot has always been different from his Phantom Warrior brethren. His size and strength make finding a mate nearly impossible, especially when they all scream and run away. Nina is the exception. She stands her ground because she thinks he’s the Great Bear. When Nina asks the ‘Great Bear’ to save her grandfather, Riot knows he’s in trouble. For all his power and strength, a Phantom Warrior cannot cheat death. Nothing can. If he admits the truth, there’s a very good chance it will shatter their fragile bond. But if he lies, he’ll lose everything. (Rated R)



What happens when a shifter King meets the one woman he cannot rule?


Taylor Shelley's mobster boyfriend wants her dead. When her twin sister offers her the chance to start a new life on another planet, she takes it. All she has to do is stay away from bad boys and out of trouble. No problem.


All hail the Dark King.


As King of the Phantom Warriors, Hades is both feared and rejected due to his mixed Atlantean/Phantom heritage. He keeps his throne via blood and claw. Hades doesn’t have time to watch over a human female dancer, even one as enticing as Taylor, but a debt is a debt. If keeping an eye on the woman for a week will clear the slates, then he’ll do it. How much trouble can one female be?


Taylor isn’t sure how a cage-fighting, alien half-breed ended up on the throne, but she wants nothing to do with this royal bad boy. It doesn’t matter if one look from him makes her body tingle. She made her sister a promise and she intends to keep it.


What starts as an obligation, ends in a game of seduction where the players are evenly matched. There’s only one rule to remember when playing with the Dark King—the house ALWAYS wins.  (Rated R)



Can a shape-shifting, alien space pirate tame a Phantom Warrior woman who can sprout her own claws?


Captain Hawk has searched solar systems for a female shapeshifter. As a Slaver, he knows they fetch the highest price, but Hawk isn’t looking for a shifter to sell. He wants one for himself, wants one for the beast lurking inside of him. The last thing he expects is to have a female given to him.


Phantom Warrior Opal never thought she’d find herself enslaved by a ruthlessly handsome shifter. As the Dark King’s right hand, she’d sworn to protect the Phantom people and their ruler, even if that meant protecting the King from himself. Her jealousy and misguided actions caused her to lose her position, her people, her home—everything. Now Opal has to contend with a sexy Slaver who’s determined to tame her, but this feline has claws and she isn’t going down without a fight. (Rated R)



Even horned-aliens deserve a second chance at love…

Fallon has spent the last ten years working as a smuggler on Captain Hawk’s crew. The last person he expects to run into at a bar in the middle of Jarvis Prime is the one woman who got away, the only woman he ever loved and abandoned…Dora of Petron.

When Dora bet her crewmen that she could rope the horned man on the barstool, she had no idea he’d turn out to be the merchant boy she once loved. It’s been ten years since Fallon swore he’d come back for her. Ten years of heartache that Dora thought was behind her—until Fallon kidnaps her and bares his soul after one night of shattering bliss. Now he’s telling her that this time she has to walk away.

Well Dora’s got news for Fallon, she’s no longer the lovesick teen he abandoned all those years ago. She’s a grown woman who knows that sometimes you have to cross a universe to get a second chance at love. (Rated R)



How many rounds in the ring can a Phantom Warrior go with a female ex-Muay Thai champ, before she TKO’s his heart?


Known for his savagery, Pit Fighter Chrysus doesn’t believe he’s fit for human company. He has about as much chance of finding a mate as he has of stopping an asteroid with his fist, but when the Dark King gives an order—every Phantom Warrior listens.


Feeling caged on Earth, Chrysus needs a distraction to pass the time until he can return to his home planet. He finds it in a small fight club, when he meets fearless, ex-Muay Thai champ, Stevie Cash. Stevie is unlike any woman he’s ever known. The fact that she’s able to drop him to the mat within minutes of meeting her only makes Chrysus want her more. Who knew being caged could be so much fun?


When you’re a woman and you run a fight club, you don’t have time for emotional entanglements. Not even when a hot, new guy walks into the gym and makes it clear that he’s interested. Stevie Cash is far too busy fending off the competition, dodging attempts on her life, and struggling to keep her father’s gym afloat to act upon the sizzling attraction. But the scarred warrior with a bad attitude just won’t take a hint. Chrysus seems determined to worm his way into her life, into her heart. And when it comes to protecting her, he won’t take no for an answer. The closer he gets, the harder he is to resist, but when the truth comes out…only one fighter will be left standing. (Rated R)


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