Burned out NY homicide detective, Rachel Chang is on a forced leave in Paris grieving over the loss of her partner, when she encounters a violent attack occurring outside the walls of Cimetiere du Montparnasse. What at first seems like a simple domestic turns into something far greater, when she attempts to stop the attacker and ends up on the wrong side of a set of very sharp fangs.

A chase through the Parisian catacombs brings Rachel cheek to chest with sexy Gabriel Dumont, but his ‘pretty’ face hides more secrets than she can fathom. Secrets that can cost her more than the St. Michael medal her attacker took.

Time is running out. Rachel needs answers. All trails lead back to the catacombs. All she has to do is follow the blood…


Vampire Richard Sebastian Stuart, the sixth Earl of Lyon has supped from the finest necks in England, but when he encounters an innocent maiden named Lily, desire turns to lust, lust to passion, passion to obsession. He will do anything to possess her, even strike a deal with the devil himself. One taste will never quell his aching hunger for the one and only woman, strong enough to tame the insatiable beast within and become his bloodmate.

Lady Lily Devlin has no intention of being anyone’s possession. She saw how that kind of love destroyed her mother. Lily hasn’t met a man that she couldn’t thwart. She’s determined that Lord Lyon will be no exception, but she didn’t count on his single-mindedness or his…insatiable appetites. And she certainly didn’t count on falling in love.


Lady Rose Carlson has spent the last ten years of her life working in a brothel. Thanks to her friend and benefactor, Lord Lyon, she is finally free to live as she pleases. Rose plans to spend the rest of her life living quietly in Scotland, but her new neighbors and her past won’t let her be.

Laird Hamish Colin MacDougall has no intention of ever falling in love again. He’s already lost the love of his life. He’s not about to lose another. When his friend and fellow vampyre, Lord Lyon asks for a favor, Hamish cannot refuse. He owes the man his life and then some. One look at Rose and he knows he’s in trouble. When their lives are threatened, Hamish has to make a choice: Kill the woman he loves to save himself or die so that she may live.


The last thing Ken ‘Viper’ Thompson expected was to be stuffed into a clergy outfit and having to pretend to be a priest, but orders were orders. As a sniper, Ken had a job to do. He couldn’t afford to be distracted by an eagle eye doctor bent on seeing through his disguise. It didn’t help that with one look she made his thoughts turn to sin.

Dr. Lily Houser wasn’t happy about the change in roster. Bad enough she’d had to accept a male nurse she’d never met, but now she had to deal with a priest…a very sexy man of the cloth, who seemed a little too comfortable in the jungle and far too sexually aware to be celibate. Those sharp eyes could tempt a saint. If they’re not careful, they’ll both burn.



ATF Special Agent Delaney Carter won’t win any awards for Ms. Congeniality. So when she’s asked to go undercover as a trolley-dolly on a major airline to recruit a hunky retired arms dealer, she doesn’t exactly leap at the chance. Instead, she does a face fall down an inflation slide and that’s just on the first day of training. It’ll take more than nail polish and nylons to get her man. She’ll need to face her fear of flying and become her worst nightmare, a real live sky goddess in order to stop a shipment of illegal arms from entering the country.

Jack Gordon is enjoying his retirement. After years of legally dealing arms, he’s put his risky life behind him and is finally ready to settle down. He knows it’ll take a special woman to understand his past and see the man he is today. He believes he’s found her when he meets sexy flight attendant Delaney Carter. She’s gorgeous, albeit inept, and her people skills seem more suited to dock work than to customer service, but he falls for her just the same. Together they steam up the days and heat up the nights. Everything couldn’t be more perfect — until she asks for his help.

Delaney’s mission was to get close enough to Jack Gordon to get him to assist the Bureau, not to have sex with him.

It’ll take all her skill as an ATF Special Agent -cum- flight attendant to keep them alive and convince Jack that somewhere between Phoenix and Los Angeles, at thirty thousand feet, this armed and angry sky goddess fell in love.


Through the sands of time
By the pharaoh’s breath
When the waters rise to the highest depth
Then the veils will thin
For two worlds to see

A fated love, that must once again be
He who gazes upon the one wearing the Tears of Amun
Shall go on to rule the kingdoms of Egypt.

Charlotte Witherspoon is in love…with a picture.

When fate tosses her back in time and she finds herself face to face with the man who holds her heart, will she choose to stay, accepting the promise of passion glowing in his eyes or return to her own time? And what happens when destiny steps in to decide for her?


She had to be the worst thief he’d ever seen.

Brandon Walker hasn’t seen Cara Martin in over eight years. When he catches a shapely woman breaking into his colleague’s home files, he takes advantage of the situation. The floor drops out from under his feet when he discovers the thief’s identity.

Cara Martin is no thief, but she’s on the trail of one. All she needs is proof. Before Cara can explain, she’s shoved into a closet and kissed senseless. One minute Brandon’s on the fast track to success. The next, he’s discovered in a compromising position with the one woman Brandon can never have-his best friend’s kid sister.



When Sally Ann Johnson left Cima, New Mexico, she promised never to return. She would’ve kept her promise had the bank not threatened to foreclose and condemn her family’s ranch. Sally has two weeks to get the place repaired and paid off or the bank will take everything.

There’s only one man in town who can help her…and she left that cowboy standing at the altar ten years ago.

Wyatt Branson cannot believe his ex-fiance has the nerve to ask him for help. It took years to get over Sally’s betrayal and he has no wish to repeat the experience. He intends to turn the job down…until an old barn loft nearly crushes her.

Soon, he finds himself working side-by-side with Sally to save the ranch. It’s as if no time has passed. But history has a way of repeating itself. Wyatt knows if it does, this time his heart won’t survive.

© 2020 by Jordan Summers