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Man and woman embracing while she lifts his shirt.
Can a sniper pretending to be a priest and a charitable doctor find love in a South American jungle, when the bullets start to fly? Find out in this FREE sexy, romantic suspense novella.
“...a quick paced little adventure stirring up heat in a dangerous jungle setting”—Bernie
“Action packed and male hunkiness wow hot”—Nat
 “A good, sweet story”—Holly


First book in the Dead World trilogy. A dystopian twist on Little Red Riding Hood.


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First book and link to the Phantom Warriors series.
First book and link to the Atlantean's Quest series.
First book and link to the Moonlight Kin werewolf series.





Atlantean’s Quest: The Arrival is a sexy romp through the South American rain forest. Rachel is a woman finally learning how to go for what she wants. Eros is a hero who definitely fits his name and could easily be a sex god. Together, these two characters steam up the already steamy jungle setting. This is a fun paranormal adventure story with a touch of mystery giving it a singular flavor. The Atlantean culture created by Ms. Summers is wonderfully sexy and full of many interesting and unique traditions. I await with eager anticipation the next book in this series.


Complex …world-building combine with a steamy and conflicted romance between a strong heroine and a literal alpha male hero, with plenty of chemistry to fuel future volumes. 

Publisher’s Weekly

Jordan Summer’s RED is the best novel you’ll read this year! What can I say other than that from the moment I opened her novel I was completely absorbed in it. Her retelling of Little Red Riding Hood is nothing less than brilliant. Her characters and the world she’s designed will keep every reader anxiously glued to the page. No matter what you look for in a great book, you’ll find it in RED. I can’t possibly say enough great things about RED.  What I can tell you is that if you read one novel this year make it RED!

Kerensa Wilson
Reviewer for Romance Junkies

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Image of Jordan Summers at Comic Con book signing.

Jordan grew up in the Midwest, but chooses to reside in the Wild, Wild West. When she's not there, you'll find her in Scotland. She has forty-two published books to her credit and has sold over 155,000 ebooks. She is a member of Novelist Inc., International Thriller Writers, and the Horror Writer’s Association.

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Firsts--Every Author Starts Somewhere

From alien shifters to lost Atlanteans and a few furry creatures closer to home, readers will find them all in the Firsts Box Set. Want something out of this world? Dive into Phantom Warriors 1: Bacchus. This shapeshifting alien will coil around your heart and leave you short of breath. Looking for love closer to home? Moonlight Kin 1: A Wolf’s Tale will have you covered. Follow these star-crossed lovers as they battle for their happily-ever-after but watch out for the full moon! Want to get lost in the jungle? Once you meet Eros, the Atlantean king, you’ll want to get lost—and stay lost. Wrap up your journey in the City of Lights with Paris After Dark. Ooh-la-la! Who can resist drinking wine with a charming, French vampire? Gives a whole new meaning to just ‘one more sip’.


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